Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, February 25, 2013

Transfers to Ofelia, Quito Week # 82 - 22 weeks left

 Hey!  This is a just in case letter!  So, now is 9:30 AM, and in a few minutes I`m off to Quito!  Why? 

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! AND I`M A ZONE LEADER!!!! AUUGHGH!!!

Yes, so If I get time today I`ll write y`all a full letter, but If I dont have time due to travel, you`ll know why!  Off I go!

-Elder Sanders

letter we received  later  today.

Dearest family,


Luckily, I have a little bit of time to write everyone before our P-Day ends, but right now I`m in Ofelia, Quito, with my companion Elder Bloxham, a swell lad from Pocateli Idaho who was studying at BYU.... and who is also in my group!  Yes, we have a feeling that we are going to die together!  (I mean DIE as in finish the mission together... it`s just some mission slang is all! :) )

Elder Sanders painted this as a service project for a member !

x-ray of his foot

Elder Sanders painting the mural

Ward surprise party

The city of Sacisili , the market place
So, here are some main points:

- Wednesday:  MEGA-SERVICE project with the family Cha, we finally did the mural painting in thier car-wash, and it did turn out wonderful! Best service ever!  Talents really are meant to help progress the work of the Lord!

- Thursday:  We began the morning visiting Sacisili, a small town 30 minutes from our house, which is famous for having markets.  2 members brought us there, and we loved it!  Later on, we had our zone meeting, played dodgeball, and I sprained my ankle!  It didn`t seem so bad at first, but by the end of the day, I could not walk on it at all! Soo...

Friday: I had to rest my foot, and went to the hospital for an X-Ray.  It was rather exciting.  But we didn`t really get to do anything related to mission work.... besides study at least!

Saturday:  The Top-Festival continues!  And the ward threw a surprise Birthday party for my companion, which wasn`t kept very secret and he knew about it beforehand anyways, but it still turned out wonderfully!  

Sunday: We had church, a couple investagators attended, including the Dad of the family cha (his son Ruben was also given the Aaronic priesthood!!!)  and we had a lunch/party with the family Sal, and had some great food.  She also gave Elder Kingsford and I some neat authentic Ecuadorian shirts as gifts!  They were timely, for we received changes and I was shipped off the next day!  

So that was my week in a Nutshell, full of excitement, but unfortunately with not too much on the mission work in Latacunga, which I will miss dearly!  That`s the longest time I`ve ever spent in a sector, and the longest I`ve been with one companion, the end of october to now.  Neat, right?  So, Looks like I`ve got to learn this new sector, and figure out how to take care of a zone of missionaries!  It`s a new world! But I look forward to it, and hope that it goest well. Oh my mission is going to be divided in July,  Quito North mission will be created  !!!!  Pretty exciting !!!!

Until next week,

-Elder Sanders 

photos:  Our masterpiece of the soap.monster washing a car at `Auto Limpio` , 2 pics of our excursion to Sacisili (in the photo of what looks like a outside food courtyard, take note of the Goat Head soup on theplatter in the front!) , the x-ray of my non-broken foot,and photo of the house of the family Sal

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  1. Dear Sanders Family,

    We are moving to Cotacachi, Ecuador on May 1st, and so excited to be involved with the church there. Our Spanish is minimal so we have a lot to learn. We have served three missions and would love to serve in Quito North, so we'll have to see what the needs are when we arrive. We already have our resident visas, and hope we'll get to meet your son before he goes home.

    We're excited to see your blog and plan to read it all to help us better understand the church in Ecuador before we go.

    All the best,
    Larry and Jan Myers