Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, January 14, 2013

Week #76 - 28 weeks left !! 6 months left


So! I`m a little short on time today, so I`ll be writing rather quickly!

FIRST OFF!!!! At last!  Ruben and Rafael  have received permission to be baptized!  They are set to go this Saturday!  So wish us luck!  And thank you for your prayers!


Hm.... is there a next? 

It seemed that was the big news item for the week. 

So... I`ll go to your letters!  Let`s see, question/Answer time!

OK!! First off, Congrats to Dad for still being a stalward missionary!  Looks like all may go well!  And speaking of missionaries, a second congrats to Ashlyne`s friend!  He will be a mighty Elder in the field!  Which reminds me, the change ends in 2 weeks, and 60 new missionaries are going to flood our mission!  And 40 of them are gringos!  So I just bet I`ll be training again, but we`ll see. Elder Kingsford and I really are hoping that they send 2 of them to our sector so that we can not only stay together, but advance the work here! There is SO MUCH potential here!

And Tristen is getting so big!  THREE ALREADY!! Now that`s just crazy! 

And speaking of crazy, dearest Logan Caldwell has transfigured from Missionary to RM?! HOORAY!!! For serving the honorable 2 years!  I will definitely be sending you a letter! Which, bytheyway, I send you guys a letter to Transfer over to Mikayla Boren, I seem to have lost her address!  Should be there in a month.

Next, I don`t think I have a departure date. Usually the missionaries here don`t get that until a month before they head home, the missionaries here call it their `Trunky papers`.  So, I`ll let you know come May.  And I haven`t gotten packages yet!  I did get the Christmas cards though! From the plowman`s, the sanders, and even Erik. I hope they`re in this next week! 

And as for other news, we have interviews with President Ghent on Friday, and we need to bring some goals for the year 2013 with us, so I`m coming prepared!  I seems this year I want to work on daily Repentance and forgiveness, for they are oh so necessary!  I hope that I can polish the quality found in

Alma 5:19,
 19 I say unto you, can ye look up to God at that day with a pure heart and clean hands? I say unto you, can you look up, having the aimage of God engraven upon your countenances?

 Actually, on second thought, you should just read the whole chapter,.  It`s like a personal self-inspection kind of chapter, like a self-evaluation sort of thing.  BUT IT*S WAY DIRECT!!! You`ll like it.

Well! I think that`s all for the week!  I wish you all well, and hope you have a swell day!

-Elder Sanders


My QUENA, the magical musical wonder of Ecuador, a drawing I did for a 11 year old in the hospital that we visited, (his legs got ran over by a car!  He should be able to leave this next week! But we gave him a blessing and he seems to be recovering very well) and my new journal. 


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