Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, November 12, 2012

Week # 68 -Latacunga 36 wks to go

Hello!  Well, Here I am! 

This has been a good week! Full of many good surprises and few disappointments! (and I only have little time today, so I`ll write fast!)

But first, sounds like all is well in Utah, plenty of snow, and work!  Yes, it`s too bad Romney didn`t win the election, but I guess that means the church won`t have as much opposition now!

Alright, so the big news:  The Family Areq are baptized! YES!  We had to work around many things to get everything ready, but they were indeed baptized. And the service turned out to be really spiritual too, many members showed up, and at the end, the wife was crying.  So, we were pleased.  But, unfortunately, due to an emergency funeral service, they were unable to be confirmed Sunday, so we`ll be doing that the next week.

So, I`m well!  We`re working, and tired, and doing just swell together!  And actually, in this sector it rains a lot.  So, just a smidge cold, but Sunday, during church, it actually started raining so hard that the power went out, and both the streets outside turned into powerful rivers over a foot deep in water!  Neat huh?  It was actually kind of nice because we said it just cleansed out the street filth of the `Mama Negra` celebrations.  And because of the `Mama Negra` Parade, we got to spend the day in Ambato with the zone leaders, (actually, it was with Elder Galloway, Mom`s mission mom friend`s son) 

So, we got to do some lessons, and we had a baptism with him that night.  And then... we had to empty the font with buckets so it could drain quickly, because the baptism ended really late and we had to get home.  We had made a 3-man bucket hauling train to the bathroom when just as the font was about empty.. . *CRASH!*  The poorly made Ecuadorian sinks could not handle so much water and it broke free of it`s glued frame and shattered to pieces!  So, it was a surprise for us, but we did take responsibility for our mess!

And it does seem Thanksgiving is around the bend... I think our zone is going to do a dinner this Thursday during our zone meeting.  So we hope it does go well!  OH! And thanks for the donuts  recipe, we`ll be sure to try it sometime soon!

So, I`ll be expecting your package, and YOU TOO will be expecting one also... YES!  I did send you all a Christmas package today!  It should arrive there just in time for Christmas!  It`s not as big as I`d like it to be, but I know you`ll like it nonetheless.

But, we do have a couple new families with a baptismal date!  But, I think they lost it because no one could attend church Sunday!  Much opposition indeed!  But this week, we have a couple new references to work with, and one of them we have been teaching in the hospital!  Apparently he had dirt and rocks in his system due to bad food, but for the past week we`ve been teaching him and his family, and he`s very interested!  We hope his surgery goes well!

Well, I think that`s all I can give for the moment, but have a spiffing week!

-Elder Sanders

PHOTOS: Baptism of the familia areq, what I imagine would happen if we contacted Carl Frederikson from UP, and a 10 min. sketch of President Monson ( our neighbor makes T-Shirts and I want to put it on a Tie!)

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