Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, September 10, 2012

week # 58 In the jungle

Dear Friends and Family!  

How art thou?  I`m doing spiffin by the way...
Well! It`s been a swell week, and the only reason I have that title is because I have to psych myself out each morning to get into the shower, because it`s always COLD! Fresh from an underground glacier!

And well, things at home are always crazy!  From marriage to lasik to who knows what else!  What fun!

Well, as for this week, it`s been interesting and busy!
First off, our branch had 2 baptisms!  Sweet!  (Well, not our Sector, as in us, but our branch)  So I`ll be sure to attach photos of our other missionary`s successes.  And as for us, all our investigators are falling through or no longer interested in the gospel!  We need a new batch of people to work with!  But, we do have a few new references, so I`ll tell you how those go.

And you know what`s odd?  Depositing tithing money every Monday.  Yeah, during Sundays I`m one of the guys that gets to open those little tithing envelopes and help count the money, it`s pretty fun to see what really happens in the `behind the scenes` of the church.  

And, I also had to do a couple baptismal interviews for some investigators in our zone leaders` sector, and when I went over there, what we had planned as a one day division turned into a 48 hour division! I was stuck for 2 days trying to find the people to interview them!  It was rather exciting...

And thanks for the letter from Elder Galloway, I`ll have to tell him you said hi.

Hm... what else! I am wringing my brain to know... WELL!  Today we spend our P-Day in the JUNGLE! Yes in a place called Perla Parque, we got to walk junglish paths, handle a monkey in the tourist office, and swinging on real jungle vines, just like in the movies!  (it really works!)  So I`ll attach the appropriate photos.

Well, it`s been a decent week, I bore my testimony of God`s mercy this Sunday after hearing how Chantel is, and we found a member here that wants to take us all paint balling next week!  NEAT!
Alright, keep studying those scriptures, be worthy of the sacrament, and never be depressed! Why?  QUOTE:

´When you put yourself down, you offend God.` 

      -Elder Captain Eden Colonel Sanders

Have a nice week!

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