Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week #12

Hola a todas familas y amigos!  Today is P-Day, and it is spiffin!  This week has been quite busy, with many meetings and new families.  Before I get into the meat of my e-mail (because once again I am low on time! ACK!)  I`m going to just answer all the questions everyone asked me:  I`m glad you`re car is up to date Chantel, and I will definately pray for your health!  I am good, I got to hear conference in English in our own little room, and Had pages of notes and tons of sketches!  I`ll have to send them next week, because alas I do not have time to photo them now, but next week!  And no, we did not have time to make pizza, but we will this Thursday during the training meeting at the Church! 
The families we`re teaching could be going better, right now we have 2 families and 1 investigator.  So far, our 2 families are slowly accepting and progressing, but need to pray about our message more.  Janet was doing really well, she attended church with us and we`ve had about 3 meetings, but now she`s avoiding us and she still hasn´t read or prayed about our message (The book of Mormon, and if this church is true)  we`re trying!  As for money, we all have our own credit cards and every Monday we pull out $20 or $30 dollars for the week. I haven`t used my `personal card yet` , but if I need cash help, I will most certantly tell you!  
The weather is nice, very cloudy and cool during the day.  EXCEPT WHEN IT RAINS.  Cascading fountains soaring freely into our souls!  (and actually, I kind of like it.  It`s very adventurous) 
The food is, well, Ecuadorian.  So good, and I guess technically we have 5 or so mamitas beacause we visit a family every week for lunch.  And they are Grand.  :-D        
My average day; awake at 6:30 am , excerise (mostly...) for a bit, shower and eat and be ready to study at 8. Then 4 hours of personal and companionship study!  Then off to our investigators and contacting! We eat at 1, and usually work until 9 or 9.30.     As for listening to the spirit, I think I need to do better, and I definately need to practice my spanish more!    And no, The mangoes are not in season yet, so I`ll have to buy some later.  *sniffle*    But good luck Dad at your project at work, and to Mom and the family!      
  Thanks madison for your letter, I`ll have to find a way to send your earrings to you. Somehow, the post office is only in the large city areas and sending a single pound is like 30 Dollars.  EEK!   
Good luck with your Lego video and Drama class, ask if you need any tips!    
-Elder Sanders
PS- ERIK! I got your letter, let the international add-on begin!  (plus, did you receive the one I sent you?)

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