Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eden is getting transfered !

Greetings to all!
  Ok, before I can do anything I must say: Today is changes!  That means I am leaving Elder Redd, and heading to a new sector with a new comp.  (Luckily, his name is Elder Gomez, a friend from the Provo MTC who got to leave the Peru CCM Early because he could already speak spanish, neat eh?)  So right now, I`m enjoying my last few hours with my ´Dad´ Elder Redd, and it is quite sad!  And to make it even more crunchy, the family Castillos is getting baptized this Saturday, and they would`ve been my first baptism!  But no!  ¡Cambiar!     But it`s ok, I`m not down because it is the way it must be done! 
So, we shall be opening a NEW sector, and I am totally stoked.    Next, thanks for your pics and letters Mom, Dad, Ashlyne, Chantel, Meikayla, Madison & cousins!  They were oh so sweet,  (and I have some great photos to attach too!)         And you guys asked if I`ve eaten anything weird... well. First, I`ve had a drink called Polaca that looks and tastes just like watery cake batter and is totally DELICIOUS!  Next, elder Redd and I have mastered making Monte Cristo Sandwiches, which is simply a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich dunked in pancake batter, deep fried in oil with syrup and powdered sugar.  (Yes Eric, they are good!)   And lastly, at a members house I received a plate of rice, potatoes, and tons of chunks that looked liked animal cartilage.  After pretty much muscling down the meal, I later learned that those chewy mysterious chunks were in reality (Ashlyne cover your ears) just slabs of sliced pig skin, cooked to a gross chewy perfection.  *shudder*
Ok, our ward is doing well, our investigators are sort of going well. The Castillos are right on track, but the Vallesteros have slipped a little and we haven´t seen them for a week, but we are teaching them again and it looks like they are getting on track again, but Elder Redd will have to hurry because they are moving on Nov 5th!  Our other 2 families are getting tough to get in contact with, but we just found a new one that is completely ready to receive the gospel.  They were a member reference, and they were actually getting exciting when we pulled out the Book of Mormon on our first visit.  So, the weather is swell, we do our laundry at a `Lavanderia`  (or laundromat)  and Thank you thank you thank you for your family`s conversion story.  I will definately share it!
 Elder Sanders
Next week I`ll send pics of my new sector and comp!  Ciao! Lo siento que no tengo mucho tiempo para escribir mas en español, pero tratarè el proximo semana!

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