Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week #3 in Peru Elder Sanders

Hola a todas personas!
This week has been swell as honey!  First off, all the Latinos (including my compañero) all left for their missions Tuesday morning, so yesterday consisted of about 25 North Americans in the Peru CCM.  But!  Today new companions are rolling in, and I hear about 55 North Americans are coming!  Gringos are no longer the minority (which is kinda bad, because we need more Spanish speakers, and I have a new companion!)  His name is Elder Davidson, and he´s from Salt Lake and serving here in Peru.  (oh! and btw, we got new rooms and one of my roommates lived in Bountiful and was friends with Gordy Maybie, which to those who don´t know, was my childhood best friend!)    Ok. I´m low on time so I´m rushing this stuff out- we just got back from a tour of Peru (we went by the beach, and to the justice building) and it is really beautiful and crazy busy!   All the buildings in that part of Lima feel like you´re in Europe.     BUT! Day2 of proselyting!   Ok, this was quite literally the real deal, they let everyone in their companionship's loose in the neighborhood, and off we went.  2 Missionaries serving the Lord!  The first half hour went OK, we just going door to door and were´nt having too much success, probably because it felt we were making it up as we went along, but we were able to teach at one door, and about 40 minutes into it, this older guy called out to us, and rushed over saying (all in Spanish of course) and right off the bat told us that he knew our church was true, that he had read the Book of Mormon, and was simply just expressing his joy.  Elder Farinango and I didn´t know what else to do besides show our excitement for him.  We invited him to attend church the next Sunday, and gave him some additional study material and he told us where he lived.  (BTW, his name was Domidel Moñoz Hornal) That was probably the best experience of the day.  And even better, our conversation was right outside a store and the owner was looking right at us, so we asked if we could share the same message with him, and he invited us in.  He was Catholic, and... in fact.  From what I saw about 80% of the people down here are Catholic.  And it´s really cool how the people are still willing to listen to our message although we seem to be a different religion, but it´s fantastic to share our message with others.  We show them that The Book of Mormon and the Restoration is just an addition to the gospel, and when we open up to the people, the people open up to us.  We were able to teach a few more lessons throughout the day, and returned to the MTC.  OH! And since pres. Whetten is still sick at the hospital in the US (it turns out he had a tumor in his gall bladder ) and we have a new mission president.  He´s super strict on the rules, but it´s for our good.   And before I continue... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!     I´ll try to send you a hug, wait...  just pretend I just gave you one, and it lasted about 7 minutes.   There ya go! Well, I have some more photos to attach, one of tons of latino friends, one of my old district (I just barely got a new one) and my new companion.  Tell me if you got my letter with the pictures in it yet,
CIAO! -Elder Sanders.            
  PS- every since day 1 of the MTC, I´ve gained 10 pounds! I guess the food is good over here.

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