Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From the Peru MTC

¡Hola a todas personas!    ¡Estoy fantastico!    ¿Y uds?                    Well, the MTC here is great!   I´m adapting to the food, I am making lots of Gringo y Latino friends, and there is just an overwhelming spirit of welcome and brotherhood here between the missionaries.  (Well, I guess sisterhood for the sister missionaries)                                                            Ok, overall it´s been nice.  We have class for the greater part of the day, which usually is just personal study, companionship study, or teaching our ´teacher investigators´.     And my spanish is coming along well, I´m probably speaking it the majority of the time with what little I can pull out of my spanish brain bank, but I find that I´m alot better at speaking during lessons than I am at normal conversation.      So, today is our P-Day, and at around 2:30 we get to go into the outside world to shop!   The money here is called Soles, and about 1 US dollar is 3 soles, but the prices fluxate and right now it´s about 1.7 soles per 1 dollar.    And the people here are great.  yes, I can only understand a small portion of what they say, but when they talk to me they use less complex language so that I may converse properly with them.  It´s swell!  And all the Latinos are way shorter than all the norteamericanos, one of them (Elder Pingo) was about half my height!   And thier names are sweet, for example, one elder´s last name is Llamacponcca.   Try saying that!    Our classes are split up between the NorteAmericanos and the Latinos, so I have an English speaking class, although we speak spanish as much as we can anyways.  And in that class I have another Trio!  Woot! (Elder Tuckett and Elder B      )                                           Well, also the spirit here is just as strong as the spirit in Provo.  I guess that{s just a trait that all MTC´s carry.   And I´ve also had a couple opportunites to feel the spirit.  One time was when we (my NotreAmericano companions) were teaching our ´mock´ investigator about The Atonement, and I after I said my bit, and my companion began to speak I got a rushing feeling that it was the right time to bear my testimony... but my other companion started to pick out a scripture and I dropped the idea, I don{t know why I didn´t go with that feeling, but it also turns out afterwards that our teacher said the lesson went very well... except that we should´ve bore our testimony in the lesson.  So, I´m glad it was just a practice exercise, but I learned, even in that small instance that I gotta do what I need to do when I feel a prompting.  And the neat thing is, I don{t think I´ve ever really had a promping so specific, i have always been able to feel the spirit when it is present, but this experience was very good for me.                                                                                           Well, I´m also on a timer in here, so I´ll hurry up my final answers: that native language my companion (elder Farinango) speaks is Quechua  (in peru there´s another language named Quichua), Good luck on your Preschool, you gotta send me some pics once you get it going, and good luck to Sidney, what day is she getting married?   And people here just discovered I could draw, and now everyone is requesting for me to draw them stuff!   I{ve already done 3 pics in hymnbooks, a drawing of one missionaires girlfriend, and about 4 more requests!  God blesses us with talents, and I´m learning that they need to be shared, whether you want to or not.               And lastly, hang in there Madison, you have a good heart and endure well.  If you strive to be kind with others, that same kindness will return to you tenfold.                  I love you guys, you are awesome, and I´ll try to attach a pic of Elder Farinango   (we can only take pics outside and on P-day.   Ciao!)                                           Elder Sanders.                                             


  1. would anyone be able to send me his snail mail adress, by chance? I like to send handwritten letters too :) This is Mikayla Boren, by the Way :)

  2. You can dear elder him letters which he asked us to do or here is the address.
    Elder Eden Sanders
    CCM Lima Peru
    Ave Malgarejo #159
    URB Campo Blanco
    La Molina-Lima 12