Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eden#6 Peru

Hola Hola Hola!   

      This week was just peachy!  We weren´t proselyting this Saturday, so I don´t really have an intense stories this week, but all in all, everything is running swimmingly.   AND Before I forget (I have forgotten for the last 4 weeks) but I have my plaque scripture!  It´s in :

2Nephi, chapter1 verse23. 
 " Awake, my sons; put on the armor of arighteousness. Shake off the bchains with which ye are bound, and come forth out of obscurity, and arise from the dust."

  Every time I read this, it´s just a rallying cry that makes me want to jump up and get to work.   And I sent you guys a hand letter, with one for Brandon, I cant look up his mission address, but you guys can on face book, so please forward it!  (and KT, thanks for your letter!  I´m sending you a new one, and should get there in... I´m just not sure.)   BUT!  Sounds like life at home is great!  Thanks Parents and Chantel for your letters, and congrats on the ABC4 gig, and Mom, I will definitely pray for your preschool, Jamie, and our cousins in New York.

I always have a prayer for my family every day.     And OK, this past week has just a swell mix of classes and practice sessions.  Actually, It feels like a majority of it has been about Reading the Book of Mormon.  Our new MTC president Cavanaugh  (The one I mentioned last week) has assigned a new rule on how we should waste no time, and put more emphasis on reading the Book of Mormon, because, it´s exactly what our message is.   I think I´ve been reading it for about... I dunno... at least over 3 hours a day.  Crazy eh? And it´s just 30 minutes before class, 5 minutes after every meal, read while your companion is in the bathroom..   our president literally said we should have it in our hand 100%.  Luckily, I have the military ´pocket´edition, so it´s really easy.   And I never knew that I could read scripture for such grand amounts of time, it´s just STUPENDOUS!             (And when I get home, It would be fabulous to write a graphic novel (AKA a comic book) about the B.O.M. ,  the stories in there are just, whew, unbelievable. ) you guys should get cracking too, it´s great!   

  Hm....  it´s tough to write about my classes for a whole letter.... what else?   OH YES!   Elder Call from that letter from Mike, he´s one of my buds here at the MTC!  Woot!    And since today is P-Day, we get to go to the temple again to do some more endowments, YES!  (and I hope by now everyone knows what endowments are, ) but it´s swell.  

  And yes, we have a new batch of Missionaries, and I think the norte americanos outnumber the Latinos, It´s odd!  But our District is trying desperately hard to speak Spanish the whole day.      And it´s working, I mean, we don´t know every word yet, but we can usually get our ideas, thoughts and questions out.  And I will say, It´s not a coincidence that it feels your Spanish improves every time you´re teaching a lesson. 
So, I´ll attach more photos for you guys, I don´t have any ´new´ones, but I´ll send one from last week and from the Provo MTC (the one with the books) and us having fun,                       
 I love you all,  study your scriptures, and buenas suerte!             
 -Elder Sanders

For those of you who are not members of our church, you can go to this site and it explains a little about  temples or LDS.org you can find answers to your questions.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x_-TQivCx8    ( this  is 3 minute video about temples , if you have any questions please ask us. The internet has some weird stuff and not accurate information.  The temple is a holy place, where we make covenants with God, which helps us to be better people and where family are sealed for eternity .
Thanks for supporting Eden and for the letters and the Love , it means so much to us

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