Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elders SANDERS first LETTER !!!! Week #1 !

Hola Otros!
These past few days have been quite busy.  Actually, very very busy.  (!Trabajar bastante!)   But thanks for everyone who sent a letter, they were like getting presents on Christmas Eve.  (and I got a notice that someone sent a package, but every time I try to go down to pick it up the mail-room is closed! So I'll have to get it Monday. )
An average day for me so far is awaking at 6:00 am, and until 9:30 I'm either in personal study time, group study time, language classes, eating, at gym or in a district meeting. And then we go to bed at 10:30.  In my spanish class, I have 2 teachers: Bro. Urquhart and Hermana Alvarez, they are both very great teachers, and the Spanish is as difficult as ever.  For our District (which consists of about 12 people) they are trying a different way of teaching by using about 90% Spanish while they are talking.  I'm sure I'll get it eventually, but for now, it's quite overwhelming, but we're learning tons every hour! 
I also have 2 mission companions (which is very rare):  Elder Blackwelder, and Elder Tempest.  Both great, and we're having a great time throughout the day.  They both are going to the Peru MTC in 3 weeks along with 2 other sisters and one other elder in our district.  One funny thing about the campus is that all the buildings are nearly identical, and nearly all the walkways outside are covered with a big metal canopy.  So, it feels as we are inside 24/7, and can only see the sky/mountains if we head out into the pavilons or in the GYM playing field. 
And while I have time to type (which is only 30 minutes) let me answer all the question everyone asked before I continue talking about the day:
-The food is good, and I heard that the chocolate milk contains laxative (and after 4 days, I believe it 100%)
-I'm speaking spanish TONS
-Yes I'll have an extra ticket to Harry Potter
Whew, ok, probably best way to learn about how to proselyte is by practicing with actor investigators.  (In class our teachers act as individual characters, and on day 1 they had these 'pro' guys ask questions to the audience)  In our spanish class, each one of our teachers act an investigator, only with Hermana Alvarez we teach her in English, and with Bro. Urquhart we have to teach him in Spanish (those discussions have alot of pauses).  But it really pricks your brain and really tries to get you to think about how to teach each person individually with thier problems and beliefs.  It's very engaging and even quite difficult, but for me it's the best way to learn and teach.  And I've found that preparing short lessons is rather like building with LEGOS.  First, you pick out some really important pieces to use, such as bits of doctrine or scriptures that pertain to the lesson we need to give to the investigator that day.  Then, we organize the big pieces, and using lots of small filler pieces build a spiritual creation.  And it seems alot of the time you need to say what feels right rather than say what you have planned previously.
So, overall, the MTC is completely abounding with the spirit.  From the way people act to how the facility is run, a spiritual presence is always present, and although it's not constantly a super strong beam filling the building, you can tell there is something different here. 

(Before I sign out, if anyone wishes to write to me, use either DearElder.com or hand-written letters, writing to me on here restricts my time and is a pain to print out, plus I can only read them on P-day, which is going to be Thursday, but the DearElder letters can be grabbed anyday and they are pre-printed, so... thanks!)
I've written this once, but one of the most important things they taught us here is:
-Obedience brings blessings, but Exact obedience brings miracles. 
I've written this once, but one of the most important things they taught us here is:
-Obedience brings blessings, but Exact obedience brings miracles. 
Thanks to all to have written, I hope you write to me more, and I'll strive to do likewise.    
So to all family, friends, and anyone who visits the blog:  I truly do care for you.  Every single one of you, even if I didn't know you.
Ciao y adios!
-Elder Sanders

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